Friday, May 22, 2015

Walk Away from the Saleman! It's Time to Work with a Marketing Specialist

The world of real estate has evolved over the last decade. With advances in technology, the way in which buyers and sellers obtain property information has changed drastically. With sites like, Trulia, and Zillow, buyers and sellers are able to take a lot of the "guess work" out of buying and selling a home. With so many changes taking place, why is it then, that many agents in real estate markets across the country have not changed the way in which they market homes for sale? The answer is SALES. Agents and Brokers still act as merely sales people. They rely heavily on the MLS and believe that a sign in your yard and a listing on the MLS is a marketing plan.

The mentality of "real estate is a numbers game" is B.S. and needs to be thrown out with the old MLS book! Agents need to take a more intimate approach to selling real estate by becoming a marketing specialist and not just another sales person. To do so, realtors need to make both an investment of not just time but money! Cast a wider net to capture buyer leads!

San Luis Obispo County is a great example of a market where the MLS is not enough to get a property sold. Most buyers in this market tend to reside outside of the county. In light of this, where are they researching property? On the Internet! So as an agent, cast a wider net! Use digital marketing to your advantage and leverage both the free and fee channels available to you.

It's true that MLS data is fed to sites like Trulia and Zillow. However, you can give your clients property a louder voice by generating awareness through other platforms.

Keep in mind agents and home sellers! A sign in your yard and a listing on the MLS is NOT A MARKETING PLAN!

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