Monday, June 22, 2015

The Benefits of an Open House Explained

Happy Monday everyone! One thing that I can't stress enough to potential sellers, is the overall benefits of hosting an open house. Now don't get me wrong, open houses are definitely on a case by case basis. For most situations, if a seller has a nice home that they need to generate awareness for, an open house can do wonderful things.

Most proactive buyers will be scanning or their realtors daily email alerts for new listings. These buyers will jump at an opportunity to have an informal tour of a home. In addition, an open house is a great way to capitalize on weekenders visiting from out of town. Weekend vacationers may not be as active with their search, but visiting an open house may spark their desire to buy a home.

Now everyone has been to an open house at one time or another. Most open houses will have snacks and beverages that will help foster the informal nature of the event. In addition, most buyers at an open house feel more relaxed and able to provide honest feedback about a home. The truth is, buyers can be themselves when the seller is not present. This provides the listing agent with an opportunity to gather much needed feedback. For example: "The house is too small for the price", "The house down the street sold for $20,000 less and was much nicer", "The seller should really spruce up the backyard if they want to sell this home". This type of feedback can make or break a sale.

As an agent, you may be dealing with a seller who doesn't want to invest money into re-staining their kitchen cabinets or hiring a painting contractor to throw up a few coats of paint in the living room. If you have been pushing your seller to make these small investments, buyer feedback can be great ammunition for your cause.

On a different note, an open house is a great way to bring a neighborhood together. Look at the picture above. You can see how a simple open house can turn into an awareness generating FIESTA!!

In addition, an open house provides your agent with an excuse to reach out to your neighbors and other property owners in the area.

If you have any questions regarding an open house, or if you would like to receive a FREE home analysis, please call or email me today!

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